Feb 142017
Shrimp Tartar

  Since we both, my husband and I, like all kinds of tartar, this year I will step away from my traditional raw, broiled or […]

Feb 112017
Chocolate Mousse Cake

  I love chocolate! Specifically, I like dark chocolate. I always have dark chocolate at home. In every country I visit, I don’t miss a […]

Feb 092017
Broiled Rack of Lamb with Green Beans and Carrots

  This is a simple yet elegant main course for almost any occasion. For a more dramatic presentation I like to serve a crown roast […]

Feb 072017
Poached Egg on Avocado-and-Smoked Salmon Toast

  When our son Peter lived with us in our house, on Mother’s Days he was making for me a special breakfast (with my husband’s […]