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Crème Fraiche (Cream Fresh)

Crème Fraiche (Cream Fresh)


Originally Crème fraîche is a French product from Normandy. We can say that it is a relative of sour cream, but it has a much more delicate and airy structure. It is used in salads, sauces, and soups. Do you know how good the desserts with creme fraiche are? Just one spoon of the miracle dairy product enriches fruit or berry salad. Its silky texture is achieved due to the content of cream.

When I first tried creme fraiche in France, I realized that I really want to have a jar of such a wonderful product in my fridge. Surprisingly, to prepare good creme fraiche at home is easier than to describe how to do it.

For the sake of culinary experiment I tried out three ways of cooking creme fraiche at home: with kefir, sour cream and buttermilk. I must say, that the end result was excellent in all cases. The difference was in the time required for the cream acidification. Creme fraiche with the addition of kefir “cooked” first. Otherwise the taste was wonderful in all three jars: velvety, tender and extremely delicious.



1 cup


  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tbsp good quality sour cream (kefir or buttermilk)



!!!  Important: all ingredients must be at room temperature.

Mix heavy cream and sour cream (kefir or buttermilk) in a jar until smooth. Slightly cover with a lid or paper. Leave at room temperature for 12-24 hours. The timing depends on the products quality, room temperature, and even the season of the year.  In the summer, for example, it takes less time.

After 8 hours (approx.) check for the cream readiness – it is ready when it takes the consistency of airy sour cream.

When crème fraiche is ready, stir it, cover with a lid and store refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

This crème fraiche can be used as a starter for the next batch.


cream fresh (1)cream fresh (2)

cream fresh (4)cream fresh (10)


Cook with pleasure!



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