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Fisherman’s Pot Pie

Fisherman’s Pot Pie


A few weeks ago my husband and I went on a trip to East Coast. We visited our son at his college and decided to continue the journey to New York City and the surrounding states. Recalling our old days travel habits we rode a car. It was so cool! And, of course, I returned home with some nice recipe ideas which I am going to reproduce in my kitchen. It was a very inspiring trip.


Sure, autumn is the oyster’s season in the gorgeous state of Connecticut. But in one restaurant I was lucky to try a lobster pot pie instead of a traditional chicken pot pie. O, yes, this was not our Midwest… I still remember large yummy chunks of the sea delicacy in that dish.

After coming back home I adapted this pot pie to the local conditions: I successfully used fish and shrimp instead of a lobster and created my own Fisherman’s Pot Pie. The dish turned out great!

fishermans pot pie (30)


Fisherman’s Pot Pie


4 servings


  • 9-10 oz sea bass, cod, hake or similar fish fillet,  cut into cubes
  • 9-10 oz salmon fillets, cut into cubes
  • 12-16 large shrimps, cleaned  (if frozen, defrost)
  • 1 small rutabaga, peeled and cut into small cubes
  • 2 medium carrots, peeled and cut into small cubes
  • 2 sticks of celery, diced
  • 1 onion (about 6-7 oz)
  • 1 cup green peas (frozen is fine)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • 1 tbsp. butter (optional, but recommended)
  • 2 cup water
  • ¼ cup half-and half
  • ½ tsp ground fennel
  • ½ tsp dried marjoram
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)
  • Pinch of ground white pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 1 portion Pate Brisee, pie crust or puff pastry
  • 2-3 tbsp olive oil  




In a deep frying pan, heat the olive oil, add the onion and sauté for 5-7 minutes.

Add the garlic and cook for 30-45 seconds.

Stir in the butter.

Add the flour and cook, stirring, until the flour begins to change color, for about 2-3 minutes.

Add water and cook for 1 minute.

Add the turnips, carrots, celery, oregano, ground fennel, salt, black pepper, white pepper, and cayenne pepper. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer, stirring occasionally, in low heat until vegetables are tender and the sauce is thickened, for 12 minutes.

Add the green peas and cook covered for 2-3 minutes.

Add the fish and shrimp and cook covered for 3 minutes.


Preheat an oven to 400 F (200 C).

Roll out the dough. Cut the dough in four squares or circles. Each should be larger in size than the pot opening.

Spoon the seafood-and-vegetable mixture into four ovenproof pots (or bowls).

For the egg wash, slightly beat the egg with 2 tsp of water. Brush the outside edges of each pot with the egg wash.

Top the pots with the dough pieces pressing to seal the edges. Make slits in top crust. Brush with the egg wash.

Place the pots on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until the top is golden brown and the filling is bubbling.

Let stand 5-7 minutes before serving.

fishermans pot pie (4)fishermans pot pie (5)

fishermans pot pie (6)fishermans pot pie (7)

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fishermans pot pie (25)fishermans pot pie (31)

fishermans pot pie (33)fishermans pot pie (32)


Cook with pleasure!


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