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You want to eat it with a spoon. Literally. I know, I know it is still a mayonnaise.

This sauce is my absolute favorite. Forever. Period. Thanks to the vegetables, the roasted pepper mayonnaise doesn’t taste heavy and fatty. Thanks to the vegetables, it is full of flavors.

You can call this mixture ‘roasted pepper aioli’ – and serve it as sauce for fish (how good fish and chips is with it!), vegetables (finally, you will love ‘hated’ broccoli dipped in this aioli), chicken (chicken breasts will become juicy and tender when eaten with the sauce).

roasted pepper mayo 1 (16)

You can call this mixture ‘roasted pepper mayo’ – and adore a new taste of your salads. As for the sandwiches, with this sauce, it is a whole new era. Any burger, wrap, simplest sandwich (tomato or cucumber), or panini taste heavenly with the roasted pepper mayonnaise.

Creamy and crunchy, slightly spicy (to your liking) and colorful, this sauce is divine and ‘must have’ in a fridge.

roasted pepper mayo 1 (8)


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In a bowl or a jar, mix all the ingredients.

roasted pepper mayo 1 (4)roasted pepper mayo 1 (5)

roasted pepper mayo 1 (6)roasted pepper mayo 1 (10)

Store the mayonnaise refrigerated in a container.


  • Note:

The mayonnaise taste even better when prepared in advance.

roasted pepper mayo 1 (9)roasted pepper mayo 1 (14)




Cook with pleasure and enjoy the world!

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