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Tomato sauce from Marcella Hazan

Tomato sauce from Marcella Hazan


Today I was going to publish my chipotle mayonnaise recipe, but life made an adjustment.

To be more precise, death did.

Last weekend famous Italian born American Marcella Hazan passed away. She was called the “Godmother” of Italian cuisine.

Marcella Hazan became famous because she introduced very authentic traditional Italian recipes to the American audience. Her dishes were simple, such as grilled fish with lemon, or pasta with Italian sausage and green peas, but they were tasty and welcoming.

When cooking, Marcella never cut corners.  She used to say “Simple – does not mean it is easy”. If she was preparing sauce Bolognese, the sauce was languishing, as it should. “Three, or five hours is better”   – and the meat was disappearing, dissolving in tomatoes, creating a wonderful and flavorful sauce.

Marcella always paid great attention to details, like when to stop cooking vegetables in broth, or what sauce should accompany a certain type of pasta. I think this was an influence of her scientific background.

 I’m sure there are no small things for a good chef, and often small details make a huge difference and drive you to the success of a dish.

Today, in her memory, I am cooking a legendary four ingredient tomato sauce from the Marcela Hazan collection. This is probably the easiest recipe of a basic tomato sauce. The color and the taste of this sauce are fantastic. During the cooking process the onions split into beautiful petals. I added salt and pepper to the cooked in tomato sauce onion, and it turned out to an extraordinary delicious part of a side dish or a wonderful addition to hamburgers or hot dogs.

I always go back to her recipes.



   3 cups  


  • 1 can ( 800 g) whole Italian tomatoes in juice, crush by hand or cut with scissors, or 2 lb fresh skinned tomatoes, very ripe and sweet, diced
  • 1 stick butter, cubed
  • 1 medium onion, peeled and quartered
  • Salt

   Optional add:

  • ¼ – 1 tsp sugar (if tomatoes are not sweet enough)



In 4- quart saucepan combine butter, tomatoes, onions, and sugar, if using. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and cook, stirring occasionally, about 45 minutes. Remove the onions, add salt.

 tomato sauce marcella hazan (6)tomato sauce marcella hazan (7)

tomato sauce marcella hazan (8)tomato sauce marcella hazan (9)

tomato sauce marcella hazan (10)tomato sauce marcella hazan (11)

tomato sauce marcella hazan (12)tomato sauce marcella hazan (14)


  • Cook’ tip:

If you do not like chunky sauce, use a food processor or a blender to make the sauce smooth.


Cook with pleasure!


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